I’ve mellowed over time here on my blog. I rarely use the work fuck anymore and I am less sarcastic. I’m really boring. Ha!

I used to do a series of taboo topics. I talked about it all. Oral sex, masturbation, death, smoking and porn, just to name a few. I gave my point of view on each topic and let it all hang out. I used words like penis, dildo and vagina, but tried to broach each topic with class nonetheless.

So today, I decided to write about something that is a bit taboo again, instead of the normal daily chronicle of my life. (Be glad that I don’t share what I eat.)

I think most of us agree that energy can be shared over a computer screen. At least I hope that I am not the only one who feels it when someone leaves a heartfelt comment. I experience the emotion that is put into it and also the intent. Usually, it is a comforting or humorous one, rarely a rude or nasty one. They mean something to me.

Sometimes I don’t know how to respond though, I don’t take compliments well.


I would bet that we have all had at least one blog crush before. A blogger who peaks your interest and that you enjoy interacting with. You get kind of excited when they leave a comment. You always enjoy reading their posts.

Come on. Fess up!

I’d rather not say if I have one, which probably means that I do.

Yes, I am married, but I am also human. This does not make me a bad person, or any of us, unless you try to act on it.

If you are single, you face possible rejection. So either way you look at it, you’re pretty much screwed. Usually these sort of things stay under wraps and perhaps that is where they should stay.

I got this idea from Notapunkrocker, who did a post about this last week. I think it was last week. Don’t quote me.

So, here’s the question. Have you or do you currently have a blog crush on someone?