One of my dreams is to buy an RV and live in it while traveling the country. No rent, mortgage, taxes or annoying neighbors. All of my money would go into gas and living simply. We could have bologna for dinner and eat box mix mac and cheese so that we didn’t starve.

Another dream is to buy a tiny house on wheels. These have been gaining in popularity the last few years. I think some of them are quite adorable and I enjoy the idea of less is more. I mean if you think about it, all we need as humans is a place to lay our weary heads, food to eat, a place to use the bathroom and possibly a TV. Peace and quiet too.


I think about these sort of things often. The idea of staying where I am for the rest of my life saddens me. I am grateful to have a home, but I get antsy. I have always moved around my entire life from one apartment to the next. We have been in this condo going on 6 years and it is getting old. My neighbors are all rude and unfriendly. A huge part of me wants to sell and get out there now that my daughter will be out of school. She can visit us wherever we are.

Take the money and buy my RV. Only problem is that my husband thinks I am crazy.

Well, I won’t argue with him on that point.

I want to live. See things, do things. Not really belong anywhere in particular, just be free. Doesn’t that sound grand?