I’ve been lucky the last few days. The weather has been warm and I’ve had a bit of a reprieve from my fibro symptoms. Each day that passed with low pain and moderate energy levels has been enjoyed big bunches by yours truly.

I am sad to say that we are having a weather change and with that, the pain is starting to creep back in. I can feel the ache and muscle twitches and that icky feeling again. Just in time for my trip. I was hoping to continue to feel almost human again throughout my vacation, but it appears that this is not going to happen.

Yep, you guessed correctly. It’s random swear time.

I had a nice enough mothers day, we went to my moms house and had a steak dinner. My daughter was nice to me (for the most part) all day and I got some packing done.

Mentally, I’ve been struggling with unpleasant thoughts. It’s hard to explain. I am always thinking about how bad things can happen without warning. I worry constantly about it and it is keeping me from being happy. I know that this is due to the depression. I don’t think that my medications are right and I will see my shrink when I get back from Georgia. I also think I need to start seeing a therapist again. I have a difficult time believing that any of this is normal. I have OCD and this is just another way of my mind screwing with me.

Mental illness is no joke.