My husband and I took on an epic project yesterday, removing our circa 1985 pee ridden carpet in our living room. The stench was amazingly strong and would hit you in the face as soon as you walked in the room. We are as poor as church mice, so hiring people to do this for us was impossible.

I be poor.
I be poor.

Preach it mouse.

We went to a local bargain outlet and purchased a few area rugs. Once the old carpet was out of here, we scrubbed and mopped the concrete underneath. This took a long damn time and many buckets of soapy bleach water later, we had clean floors!

It doesn’t look great. Very rustic my old man says. The carpets don’t cover the entire floor, so you can still see the concrete in places. But it smells wonderful in here. We moved my table over by the window so that I can look outside while I am on my laptop.

My legs are sore, especially the backs of my thighs, but I can deal with it. Totally worth the discomfort. There really is nothing worse than the odor of dog and piss.

Perhaps someday we will be able to get some laminate installed, but for now this will have to do. I am glad that we did it and it felt good to accomplish something that has been weighing heavily on my mind.