I could pass a pee test with flying colors right now.

I haven’t smoked pot in any great quantity in a long time. I think I took a tentative toke back in May with the hopes of feeling less sad, but the taste and smell actually made my stomach churn. The idea of smoking marijuana just doesn’t appeal to me anymore.

The good old days….

One of my favorite things to do whilst high was to run naked down my driveway.

Believe it or not.

Mind you, it was a daily occurrence for many years. I considered myself a true pothead. I started to notice that it was contributing to my overall depressed mood and made me feel even more lethargic. Plus, it didn’t do much for my pain. I told myself that it did, but I was lying. 

I have some left. Anyone interested?

I wonder if it goes stale?

Anyways, I have no interest in touching it. I might again someday, who knows, but for now I think that I will take my leave of the green buds. Yet I still support the right for people to smoke it if they want.