My doctor upped my new antidepressant on Tuesday, since I am reacting so positively to it. Although I am thankful that I seem to have found the right stuff, (no, I hated New Kids on the Block, thank you) as per my personality, I am still afraid that something will happen to make it cease to do its magic.

This recent depressive episode has scared the damn shit out of me. I also think that it has scarred me as well.

On a lighter note, I got one of those Minion toys at McDonald’s the other day, the one that swears. It really does! It says “What the fuck?” and “I’ll be damned.”

I enjoy the occasional Happy Meal, I’m a child at heart.

Well I’ll be damned Mer, you are so fucking immature.

Now when I get mad or stressed out, I play with my little Minion dude and we curse together.