This has been an awful year and it isn’t even over yet!

I was taking my daughter to work yesterday when a motorcycle cop pulled me over, his blue and red lights flashing. I didn’t make a full stop at the stop sign. Okay, whatever. I probably didn’t, there were no other cars around on the side street. My bad.

Then, he comes back and informs me that my license was expired. I was shocked! Turns out it happened on my birthday last month and here I was thinking that I had until 2016.


He was getting ready to tow me when he decided that he would give me a break. (The tears in my eyes might have helped lube his emotions, I’m not sure.) He let me call my mom and aunt, who live just down the road. They showed up about 15 minutes later. My aunt took the kid to work and my mom drove my car so that I could get my license renewed.

I also got a verbal warning on a brake light that is out. Loose wires I think, that is what the guys told me at the oil change place awhile back. Thanks guys for taking care of that for me! I have to get that fixed (for real) by October 6th, my court date. I have to prove to them that I renewed my license and pay whatever the fines/fee’s that they come up with.

Wait, let me check my ass for some extra cash.

I can’t believe that I let that happen. There goes my perfect driving record, right down the toilet.