My mom and aunt always buy me a World Market $25 dollar gift card for my birthday. I finally went last night to buy myself some useless things, which is something of a treat for me since I don’t usually spend money on myself like that.

Not really that affordable.

My husband went with me. We had fun walking around looking at everything. I bought some fancy hot chocolate mix, (called The Silly Cow) a coffee mug with flowers and an M on it, a red orange bar of vegetable soap made in Italy (maybe I could eat it?), blackberry and vanilla hand lotion and some dried tomato hummus. I went over by a $1.62.

The girl is good. It’s a knack.

silly cow
Moo, moo!!!

Then my husband and I went to dinner at this family restaurant called Canary’s. We were the youngest couple there, the place was filled with older folks. They were playing golden oldies like Duke of Earl. I had chicken cordon bleu and the hubs had chicken parmesan. The prices were low and the food was okie dokie. We might go back one of these days for another date night.

Then we came home and…..

I’ll spare you the details. You’re welcome.

All in all, we had an excellent evening together. I mean, we rarely go out anywhere, with both of us being introverts and broke. So it makes activities like this more special and shit.