I stopped having vivid dreams after I discontinued the medications that were causing them, but I am still having weird regular dreams. I remember them hazily and most of the time they are nothing to ponder about. But I had one the other night that is still leaving me scratching my head.

I was at an orgy. Now, this is something that I would never do in real life. I have no interest in such things. I am strictly a one on one kind of gal. Random body parts? Nope, not my cup-o-tea, thank you.

The dream orgy had a huge group of diverse people and there were brightly colored blankets and pillows all over the room. A woman’s leg there and a man’s ass here.

Here a leg, there an arm. You get the idea.

I was standing at the door, appalled and disgusted. My dream self had no intention of getting it on with any of these strangers.

All of a sudden, a man comes up to me. He has a pair of boxers on and he proceeds to whip out his equipment for me to take a look at. It was normal, except for one thing.

It was green.


“Why is it green?” I asked in horror.

The guy didn’t say anything, he seemed angry and walked away. Good! See you later, dude.

Somehow, as dreams often go sometimes, I was now standing in a dark kitchen. The man with the green penis shows up once again. He has it out for my appraisal and I turned away, not wanting to look at it.

If things weren’t already odd enough, he gets really pissed this time and tries to stick a giant toothpick up my nose. I start to run out of the back door and that is when the dream ends.

I didn’t take any weird drugs that night. I haven’t watched any porn recently or anything that would make me dream of group sex, let alone green penises. Where the unholy hell did this dream manifest itself from? I have no idea.

A toothpick up the nose is an awful way to go, I would think.


So, what do you think?