I’ve been blogging for almost 3 years now. Within that time, I have made many friends and found a community in which I really feel that I belong. I’m not sure how long it will continue, but for now, it is something that enriches my life.

Every now and then though, you findΒ a person that you really sync with. You can almost hear an audible “click” when you chat with them. You discover that you have so much in common, the same sense of humor, personality traits, interests and something that I cannot fully put my finger on.

There’s just something about the person that melds with your sort of crazy. It’s easy to be your authentic self with them.

That person for me is Alice aka my Wonder Twin.

She’s the blonde, by the way. I couldn’t pull that hue off.

We chat on Facebook almost every day and when we are unable to do that, we check in on each other. We both have depression, anxiety and the ability to find a way to deal with it without going insane in the membrane. (We also love using song lyrics as part of our conversations.)

We also suffer from a massive sarcastic streak. We make each other laugh and talk about important things like feminine hygiene.

A hoo ha’s best friend.

Which is basically what brought us together in the first place, because she liked one of my retro ad posts that I did way back before we co-created what became That Retro Blog.

Finding a good friend is difficult in this world. I’ve only found a few, the ones that stick around for the long haul. I have a whole army of people behind me who didn’t.

I live in Ohio and she lives in Texas so I don’t know if we will ever get to meet in person, but I still feel close to her even though we only know each other from a computer screen. But I believe that you can connect with people and develop real relationships this way. You really start to give a shit.

You might also find someone who sends you messages when you can’t even read them because you are in the nuthouse, for example.

I love so many of you.

Just like I love her.