In northeast Ohio, we call carbonated beverages pop. For example, a conversation would go down somewhat like this:

“I’m headed to the store. Do you want me to pick up some pop?”


“What kind of pop would you like?”

“Oh, whatever. Maybe some Pepsi. Also, would you grab me some prophylactics and a bottle of malt liquor?”

“Okay.” No judgement here.

When I was a kid, the consuming of pop was a luxury that only occurred during special occasions. My parents bought glass bottles of Pepsi and would share one in the evenings now and then, but us kids were subjected to Kool-Aid. I admit that I was envious of that tall, ice cold glass of liquid nirvana that my parents sipped on a hot summer evening whilst on the porch.


When I came of age and had my own money, I would walk to the corner gas station and buy my own pop from the machine. It cost about 0.35 cents back then. My favorite kind of pop was Mountain Dew, which ironically I cannot tolerate anymore. On a good day, I could chug about 4 or 5 cans of the stuff. I’m amazed that it didn’t eat away at my stomach lining.

Then again, maybe it did.

Many years ago, parents were urged to give their children pop, the earlier the better.


The Soda Pop Board of America stands by their claims that pop will give your little one a better personality and will provide the small tot essential sugars.

And early onset diabetes.

These days, I can’t drink pop. It gives me gas bubbles and I belch uncontrollably. I also don’t like the way the carbonation burns my mouth. I drink water, tea and coffee.

What do you call pop in your part of the world?