A bit of advice…never buy generic cat or dog food.

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He used to cuddle and purr on her lap when he was a kitten. Such a sweetheart, her little Mittens. He always used the litter box and never jumped up on the counters. Midge never had a problem with him.

Not until she started feeding him that damn generic cat food. Money was tight and she needed to save up for a new mini-dress. She had no idea that the cheap food would cause him to grow to be such a large feline.

It happened so quickly. One day, he was a regular sized cat, the next he was the size of a large dog. Every day that passed, he got bigger and bigger. Eventually, he couldn’t even fit in the house anymore.

He started eating the neighbors.

Then, he turned his yellow, hungry cat eyes on her.

She ran, but he was right behind her.

“Mittens, I love you! It’s…

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