It started Friday, when my mom and I went out to dinner. I foolishly ordered the gyro platter, which never ends well for me. The spices in the meat does something raunchy to my stomach, causing severe sulfuric burps to start building up within a few hours.

These suckers will annihilate anyone that accidentally walks in range of its toxic path. My husband and daughter both became victims of this waste product spewing from my mouth on a few occasions, with me apologizing profusely for almost causing them to vomit.

I decided on Saturday to take it easy on my digestive system and only ate some Swiss cheese, crackers and a bowl of cereal. Things started to settle down some and my belches were less disgusting by the evening.

On Sunday, we always eat rather well because of the Browns game. My friend Cheryl usually comes over and we feast upon various appetizers. We had artichoke dip, teriyaki wings, more cheese and crackers, fruit, plus some really gross pre-made guacamole (flavored) dip.

And then my stomach started to ache like a son of a bitch, although no egg burps were present this time around.

Today, I am afraid to eat anything. Maybe some toast or a nice piece of buttered air.

Living with a volatile tummy is no fun. I used to be able to eat anything and everything without a lick of trouble. Ah well. As they say, shit happens.

Every other day or so.

Do you have any tummy troubles?