• I have only met two other people who spelled their name like I do. A high school classmate and a librarian.
  • You can never find coffee mugs or key-chain’s that say “Merry” on them.
  • Most people assume that my birthday is on Christmas, when it is actually in August.
  • When someone asks what my name is, (like a doctors office) then I have to explain. “It’s Merry, like as in Merry Christmas. M-E-R-R-Y.” Then they say something like, “Oh. How interesting!” But they usually get it wrong, anyways.
  • I have had people mispronounce my name several times.
  • People have asked me if it’s short for Meredith, which I dislike immensely. (I’m sorry if your name is Meredith.)
  • I much prefer for people to call me Mer. There are not many people who actually call me Merry.
  • I went by my middle name Teresa at a job once, just to see how it felt to have a normal name.
  • I was named after my grandmother and aunt, who spelled it Mary and Merrie, respectively.

Do you like your first name?