I’m in a mood, so I won’t be sugarcoating anything today. I’ll be showing a side of myself that I usually keep under lock and key. So, as a warning, you might want to stop yourself from reading least your opinion of me changes.

I hate Christmas. Yes, I still call it Christmas. Fuck those people who call a Christmas tree a holiday tree or Christmas cookies holiday cookies. If someone says the word holiday anywhere near me, I will be forced to kick an elf across the room with my bare foot.

I hate Christmas because of the constant stream of commercials and Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the entire onslaught of material possessions that just need to be purchased. I hate it because the people at the stores would rather stick a shiv in your eye rather than smile at you. I don’t want anything for Christmas that can be bought in a store or online. Useless crap.

Joy to the world, I got the last Samsung tablet and you didn’t. Eat a bag of shit and oh yeah, happy holidays!

I hate the internet and all of the people who bitch and complain about stupid things like Starbucks coffee cups that are too plain and Reese’s peanut butter trees that look like turds. Please, all of you assholes, send them to me. I will gladly eat them for you.

Oh yeah, and get a fucking life.

I hate the Kardashians and Miley Cyrus.

How the hell do people actually find her entertaining? Every time I see her, my soul dies a little more.

Screw trying to make amends with people out of the kindness of my heart. All they end up doing is taking a giant piss on you anyways. This particular person can kiss my ass. I was a fool to try and wish this person well, even though I didn’t do anything to him personally. If you’d like to know who this blogger is, please email me and I would be oh so glad to tell you all about it, because frankly I give no fucks whatsoever anymore. And I really hope that someone takes me up on it, because it would make me blissfully happy.

I hate having to watch my most favorite person on earth become sicker with each passing day. And there is nothing that I can do about it.

I hate my own mind, with its morbid thoughts, plying it with drug after drug just so that I can function somewhat normally. The constant battle to be fucking happy. What the hell is happy anyways? Having enough money to have a shiny brand new Lexus in your driveway for Christmas, while there are people who don’t even have enough food to eat or a roof over their head?

It’s all about money.

This world is fucking crooked and I wouldn’t be surprised if God called it quits sometime soon. If I were Him, I would be disgusted at what we humans have done to His special day.

I hate my body, the one that has completely turned my life into a living hell. I hate waking up every day feeling like shit. No matter what I do or how many doctors I see, I will still feel like walking death the rest of my days.

People don’t like honesty because it makes them uncomfortable. But if you really think about it, we all have things that we hate stewing inside of us. We’re just afraid to show it to others.

Because it breaks the finely crafted persona that we have built around ourselves with the hopes of being accepted.