I’m not really big on New Years resolutions or goals, but I figured that I could at least write down a few things that I’d like to work on during 2016.

Try not to be such a total bitch to myself.

Comment more on other peoples blogs. (You’ve been warned.)

Try to strengthen my relationship with my brother.

Let go and let my daughter grow up. It is the circle of life. 

Give me some sugar, you stinky fucking monkey.

Swear more often and with passion. Example: Well, shit. That really blows monkey balls, damn it!

Resist the urge to fart in my daughters food when she’s being a turd.

Allow myself to have shitty days. 

Love on my husband more often.


Blue Rose Cabin August 2013

Continue to try and accept that my life is different now. 

Write a book. 

Keep writing on this blog and try to be more uncensored. 

Start work on a project with another blogger. (Psst, Jackie.)

Follow through with doctor appointments, even though they are frustrating and a pain in the ass. 

Try to keep my sense of humor.


Happy New Year, you guys. And thank you for being my virtual family. ❀