If you are a true pothead, (stoner, midnight toker, partaker of the hippie lettuce) then you will more than likely have a weed box to keep all of your supplies in.

I have one. Would you like to see it?


I bought it a few years back at the flea market. I think I paid a dollar for it. I love how intricate the wood carving is and the white flowery design on the top.

Would you like to see the inside of my weed box? You would? Okay, let’s take a gander then.


It has blue felt lining inside. You can see a few old pipe pieces, some screens, a couple of groovy lighters that I need to refill someday, two pair of old tweezers, a wee brush for cleaning and a few paper clips that I fashioned into nug stokers.

Yes, it does smell like ganja inside.

I stopped smoking marijuana for awhile and I put away my weed box in a dresser drawer. But about a month ago, I decided to start up again. I can’t smoke pot when I am extremely depressed and right now, I’m stable. I have my bad moments, days….but I can shake it off rather quickly.

It does help me feel better, especially in the evenings.

Would you like to see the pipe I’m using right now? No?

Well, tough shit.


It’s my favorite color, lime green. The only bad thing about it is that you can’t really take it apart to clean it. Otherwise, it’s a wonderful high-making apparatus.

I feel like I’m in Kindergarten and this is Show and Tell!

What do you think of my weed box?