I try so hard to do a weekly feature and I always fail. So perhaps if I try something easy like the good old Throwback Thursday, I might be able to stick with it.

It could happen.

This weeks photo was taken at my wedding on September 26, 2009. We were cutting the cake. I was already slightly inebriated by this time, so I had no advance warning that my husband was going to slam a piece of it in my face, forever staining my wedding dress with blue frosting.


Luckily, since I am a cheapskate, I only paid $120.00 for the dress.

I was still going strong in this picture, working full-time. I had just turned 35. It wasn’t until 2011 before all hell broke loose with my health. But it’s okay. Really.

Totally cool.

I’ll have to dig through my photo collection. Stay tuned, you guys.