My daughter turned 19 the other day and started classes at Cleveland State yesterday. I was a nervous wreck, since she has to take the bus downtown. But, she did it and I am so extremely proud of her. Imagine, my baby, in college. I never got an education after high school, so the idea of my own flesh and blood doing so is a great accomplishment for me as a parent.


This weeks Throwback Thursday picture is of my precious kiddo at 2 months old. That’s me at age 22, holding her. She was a month early because they had found protein in my urine, which is a sign of pregnancy induced hypertension (preeclampsia). Both of us could have died. My blood pressure skyrocketed and they had to get her the hell outta there.

When she was born, the cord was wrapped around her neck. But they were able to get her breathing and no long term damage was done to her. She was tiny and weighed 5 pounds 2 ounces at birth. You could literally hold her in one hand. In this picture, she was finally not scary small anymore.

I still take blood pressure medication to this day. And my fibro symptoms (although mild) started to manifest a short time after I had her. But, something else would have triggered it eventually. I believe that I was born with fibromyalgia and the trauma of having her was how it became noticeable enough so that I went about finding out what the hell was wrong with me.

She’s my little miracle baby and now she’s my….well, she’s still my baby, no matter how old she gets.