I’d like to thank ES for the inspiration on this cold ass fucking morning. Without him, I wouldn’t have made this badge thingy.


That’s right, today is my first ever edition of Fuck It Friday. I know, right? Don’t get too excited though, because I’m not exactly sure how this will go. I mean, do I just go on a rant and swear? Or do I not write anything and just post memes that include the word fuck?


Not everyone swears. I get this and respect it. There are times when I don’t, such as when I see a doctor or am on the phone with a bill collector. (Although I really want to use colorful language with the water company.) But, I am a lady when I need to be.

That’s when the word “whatever” comes in handy. Saying whatever to somebody is basically a nicer way of telling them to fuck off. My kid uses it constantly.

Me: Did you leave your plate in the bathroom sink again?

Kid: Whatever.

We leave her a plate in the fridge. Then she comes home, heats it up and takes it to her room. When she is finished eating, she just leaves the damn thing for either myself or my husband to bring downstairs, because she cannot be bothered with such a tremendous task.


What the fuck is going on with the Muppet’s these days? I think Kermit is single now if anyone is interested in dating a frog. I’ve always wanted to visit a swamp.

Miss Piggy is still a fucking bitch, in my opinion. Good for you, Kermit!!

I’m just glad that they didn’t have kids. Frogs and pigs should not copulate. I don’t even think that it’s fucking physically possible.