Since last weeks Fuck It Friday was so well received, I decided to make it a weekly feature here on KOBAF.


Also, we have an official chant on FIF, courtesy of Cyn K. You ready for it?

Fuck it, fuck it, fuck it…

Feel free to add more or less fucks as you see fit for your own personal comfort. I myself usually go for around 5 to 6 fucks per chant.

While I type this, my dogs are going batshit crazy because the mailman is outside, walking his route. This happens every fucking day, whether or not I am awake or sleeping. I don’t understand it, the mailman never tries to hurt anyone. Unless you count the bills, those little asshats. But the mailman is just doing his job.

I hate loud noises, they set off my nervous condition.

“Come on guys, shut the fuck up! It’s just the mailman!!”

But we’re just guarding the door. Where’s our treats?

I’m trying not to take as many damn naps lately, for numerous reasons, first being that I hate having to wake up more than once a day. It’s a pain in the ass.

Secondly, I have sleep paralysis. If you have ever suffered from this phenomena, you know just how majorly screwed the fuck up it is. You can have awful nightmares that feel real, be flying through the trees at warp speed the next second. Usually though, you keep dreaming that you are awake, but you’re still laying in bed. This happens over and over again, until gratefully you ACTUALLY wake up. For some reason, it happens during a nap.

There is no way of predicting it, which makes me fucking sad.

Staying up all day is a great challenge for me. I succeed some days, others I have no choice but to go lay down with my dog Maya and take a snooze. I also have a sense that I am wasting time, which I suppose is a good thing in a way. I’m not trying to hide, I’m just fucking tired, man.

It’s giveaway time!!!


You all get exactly one fuck today to use as you wish! You’re welcome.

In case anyone ever wondered, my favorite superhero is Spiderman. From the comics, not the movies.

What are you going to do with your extra fuck today?