March 23 is National Puppy Day! If you have any canine family members, go give them a treat and a hug. I am doing something special for my dogs today, by giving them extra butt scratches.

I have so many pictures of my two pups, Maggie and Maya.

(We like M names, apparently.)

Here are a couple of my favorite photos of them taken with my iPhone that I picked out to show you all today.

Maya and her daddy!

Maya is going on 2 years old in April, I forget the actual date. She’s a purebred American Bulldog that we got from my friend Cheryl’s daughter. We picked her up from Maryland and she slept the whole trip home.

She is the sweetest dog with a wonderful personality. She makes us laugh constantly with her silly shenanigans and gives us the heart fuzzies on a daily basis.

My sweet Maggie May waiting for a treat!

We got Maggie May on my birthday back in 2008. She was a rescue dog from the Cleveland APL. They estimated her age at 1 years old the day we brought her home, so she’s an old girl now. But she is still playful, especially with her best friend Maya. They told us that she was a Collie mix. Mixed with what, we can only guess.

She absolutely hates the mailman.


We might not have a huge yard for them to romp in and we can’t afford the expensive fancy dog food, but they are both loved and spoiled rotten. I’d like to think that we make them happy.

They return the favor with plenty of licks and smiles. (Yes, I think dogs can smile, don’t you?)