This is what has been trending with me recently…

  • I continue to keep ignoring the dog hair that is collecting under my pedestal sink in my half bath. I’m going to wait until it starts to bark for treats.
  • I’ve been smoking way too much due to stress. (That’s what I keep telling myself.)
  • I get so preoccupied with whatnot that I forget to drink my coffee and it gets cold.
  • I don’t use the oxford comma like most people, because I dare to be different.
  • I’ve decided to go on a diet, but I had one of these bad boys last night.
  • I passed go, but did not collect $200. All I got was a T-Shirt with the Monopoly dude giving me the finger.
  • I keep meaning to pluck my chin hairs, but I keep getting sidetracked because I don’t give much of a shit.
  • ย I still haven’t dyed my hair, even though I bought the box. I do so love to procrastinate. Or maybe I’m sad to say goodbye to my grey hairs, God knows that I’ve earned every damn one of them.
  • I’ve been calling everyone babe-ins.
  • I do a daily mental evaluation of myself in order to check for signs of nuttery.

What’s been trending with you?