My new therapist gives me a big hug every time we say goodbye after our session.

I love hugs. LOVE THEM. Especially from someone who also enjoys them as well. If I could pick the coolest job in the world, it would be as a hug dealer.

You’ll have to get your drugs from that dude behind the abandoned old Blockbuster. 

There is nothing as awkward as hugging someone who doesn’t like them. I try to remember who they are, so that I can repress the urge to go in for one, because I dislike the feeling of being rebutted.

People that don’t like hugs

My sister-in-law does not like hugs.

Same goes for my in-laws. 

My brother doesn’t, but I make him. He’s starting to come around.

That lady behind me in line at the grocery store who let me cut in front of her because I only had 5 items does not like hugs. 

My only child despises hugs, at least from me. (Unless she is feeling vulnerable and needs her mommy.)


People that do like hugs

My husband likes hugs. (And other things, but we won’t go there.)

My mom likes hugs. So does my aunt. 

My dogs like hugs, except my older one Maggie growls a bit deep in her throat. Like, step off human, let’s keep this short and sweet.

My friends all like hugs. I tend to attract mutual hug lovers.

I have excellent hug manners too. I don’t hug too long, nor do I crush the person that I am hugging. I won’t let my groin touch your groin. I won’t try to sniff your hair (is that new shampoo?) or whisper sweet nothin’s into your ear.

If you’re a guy, I won’t grab your ass. If you’re a girl, I most certainly won’t try to grab your ass.

So, if we were to ever meet in person, I would more than likely hug you.


What about you? Are you a hugger or do you avoid it like the plague?