I joined a group called The Beatles Universe on Facebook a couple of days ago. Well actually, it was during my “blackout” and my best friend Cheryl did so on my behalf. (The moderator is a childhood friend of hers.)

It’s for true Beatles fan’s, like myself. You know, the kind of fan who knows detailed information that the common person has no interest or desire to know.

For example, one of their original names was The Silver Beatles.

Before Ringo came aboard, their drummer was a guy named Pete Best, who evidently had the personality of a kumquat. 

I am enjoying this group so far. I shared a favorite picture of mine (below) and many people liked and commented on it.


I thought that I’ve seen most of the photograph’s ever taken of The Fab Four, but boy was I wrong! This group has a plethora of rare Beatles pics. I’m feeling generous today, so here are a few of them for your enjoyment!

He’s so young!
Best friends!!
John, George and the sky!!


Ringo smiling a huge grin!!


John, Cynthia and baby Julian.

I hope you enjoyed these photos as much as I enjoyed sharing them. Have a fab time, wherever you are!