I want to thank everyone who reached back to me when I posted the other day. I just started typing and had no idea where the words were going to take me. I often get overwhelmed and need to feel some love.


And I got plenty of it.

Moving on…

So, my therapist wants me to write down 5 things that makes me happy each day until I see her again next week. This shouldn’t be too difficult.

  1. She told me yesterday that I had an excellent sense of humor and that is still making me happy today.
  2. A photo that I shared to my Beatles group is getting a lot of attention.


Sadly, I can’t take credit for making this.

3. It is sunny and warm today, although I am feeling too turd-like to go out. Perhaps tomorrow.

4. My friend Cheryl and I are thinking of having a yard sale so that we can see Sir Paul (for the 3rd time!) this summer in Cincinnati. We cannot afford the tickets that are still available because we are poor.

5. I have the ingredients to make myself a banana & strawberry smoothie later.

Bonus: Being a part of the WordPress community makes me extremely happy.

What is making you happy this Saturday?