I enjoy my low pain days

My bad ones can go to hell

But then I can take a Percocet

And I end up feeling swell

(For a few short hours, boo)

When my body starts to twitch

I take myself some Flexeril

It calms my overactive muscles

With just a wee little pill!

When life is overwhelming

And I start to hyperventilate

A trusty Klonopin can sooth my nerves

It takes a bit from my overfilled plate

To assist in keeping the sadness away

I pop an Effexor every single morning

So far it works most of the time

The depression demon I can slay

The others help my blood sugar and blood pressure

(My blood has issues, apparently)

These drugs keep me alive and kicking

So, to them I say hooray!

To the ones that make me feel funky

Well…you wouldn’t like what I had to say