Earlier this week, I was sitting in front of my computer doing my usual computer stuff when my husband texted me from work.

“Sir Paul is coming to Cleveland! The day before your birthday!”

I instantly Googled to confirm. Yes, it was true! He’s coming to Cleveland on August 17th! His first time here since 2002.

Paul McCartney
A recent picture from this years tour “One on One.”

My friend Cheryl wasn’t online, so I tried to call her. I must have sounded like a 41 year old teenage girl on her voicemail. I was really fucking ecstatic, let me tell you! I could hardly contain myself and started singing “A Hard Days Night” to my dogs.

Don’t worry, they are used to me bursting into song spontaneously.

Eventually, she got online and we were both totally thrilled. Never mind that we have already seen him twice (the first time in D.C. and the second in Columbus.)

We had to get tickets!

Osmond Fans

Plus, this time we won’t have to worry about a long road trip and staying somewhere overnight. We can just go downtown, grab a nice dinner somewhere and then go to the show.

Pre-sale tickets were set for purchase this morning at 10 am. I had my husband drop me off at C’s house before he went to work and then we waited (somewhat patiently) for the clock to tick.

When it was finally time, she clicked the link and entered the code, but for some unknown reason, the website said that it was a restricted request.

Needless to say, we were freaking the hell out.

Long story short, it took us almost an hour and a half (and a few different websites) to finally buy 2 tickets. We paid a bit more than we had originally planned to, but we were able to get some rather decent seats. (Lots of climbing, but Sir Paul is worth it.)

So yet again, I get to see my favorite Beatle!

So, instead of Fuck It Friday, it’s Fuck Yeah Yeah Yeah Friday!

Have you ever gone teenybopper about a concert as an adult?