I wish that I had an oil can, like The Tin Man, so that I could lube my stiff joints in the morning. I walk like a zombie when I first get out of bed.

It’s sorta awkward.

My face in the morning.

After I start moving around a bit, things start to loosen up. Then I walk like a penguin.

Stay the hell away from my wife!

(If you can come up with a better caption, I’d like to see it in the comments.)

I got up today to see my therapist, but she was running late and didn’t tell me, so I thought that she had forgotten about our appointment. I gave her twenty minutes and then left. I have little patience these days.

We’re good now and have rescheduled, but I am a bit salty that I had to wake up so early for nothing. I need at least two hours to get myself ready to go out somewhere and that’s on a good day.

Plus, the stairs that I have to climb to her office looks like Mount Everest to me.

My husband and I went out to dinner last night before the start of the NFL draft. Since I have no interest in football whatsoever, I was getting ready to watch something on Netflix, iPhone and earbuds in my hands. But as soon as I lay down on the couch, I was out like a light.

In other news, my mother and I got my disability paperwork squared away and mailed off yesterday. I am glad to be done with it. I hope that’s all I have to do. If my double stint at the psych hospital doesn’t prove that I am a hot mess, then I don’t know what more proof that they would need.

One final thought for the day.

When you finally realize that you are not a priority in someones life anymore, it fucking hurts like a dagger in your heart.