I am baffled by many things in this world.

Just straight up perplexed, as a matter of fact.

Here is a list of a few of these things.

When you reach out to someone and they don’t reach back.

I am seriously tired of doing this. It is the ultimate rejection and will no longer be tolerated by yours truly.

I mean, how hard is it to take some time out of your life to respond to a text message or some other form of contact? I can only conclude that the person doesn’t give a rats ass about me at all.

To which I reply whatever.

Happy bunny gives no fucks.

Actually, it really does hurt. Probably because I am an ultra sensitive and easily damaged by people.

On payday and something breaks.

I get my disability payment on the 3rd of every month. Our car is now leaking antifreeze.

Coincidence? I think not.

My husband continues to eat spicy food.

He is always complaining of a stomach ailment of some kind.

Perhaps it’s because you are putting the equivalent of rat poison in your belly on a constant basis. My diet is bland as hell.

It shall remain so.

Depression and anxiety blows.

Yeah, it really does.

You can say that again, Morris.

Even on decent medication, it still lingers like a taco fart. I do become so weary of it.

Mean people suck.

Every mean person should be taken to a desolate island full of venomous snakes and left there to eat berries and shit.

People who think they are funny, but are not.

Just stop trying to be funny if you’re not genetically inclined to be so.


For the love of all that is hilarious, you are doing humor a great injustice.

Why dentistry is so expensive.

The next time I need a tooth pulled, I’m saving money by using an ice skate.

Who needs a free extraction?

Is there anything that baffles you to no end?