A recent study (done by myself) shows that most people don’t know what to say to someone who is depressed or chronically ill.

“Of course I love you, I just don’t know what to say when you are depressed. Because, you know, depression is depressing.” – My Brother

Right on, bro. That it is.

Look, I get it. I honestly do. We are not all cut from the same cloth. Empathy is not something that comes naturally to everyone.

Even the people who do feel touched or moved by another’s suffering have no clue as to what to say to someone when they are ill, mentally, physically, or both.

Some give no shits. Some, like my brother, do care deep down, but are unable to do more than maybe pat you with a broom and say, “there, there.”


The term for these kind of people is “emotionally constipated.”

“Without emotion. When one cannot express emotion for the life of them. Its like being constipated minus the shit. You just fail to show emotion towards anything. You just can’t be emotional. Unlike actual constipation this does not go away after time.” – Urban Dictionary

I am the complete opposite of this definition. My life is based on emotion, which is a really difficult way of living if you let it.

For once I wish that I could not turn the channel when one of those sad animal commercials comes on or feel awful when someone that I love is going through a bad time and I can’t do anything to fix it.

Or not break down when I stub my toe and cry. I should be able to tough it out!

Suck it up sissy-pants, crying is for babies!

This is complete and utter bullshit.

On the contrary, being able to cry and feel emotion takes a strong person, in my humble opinion.

But finally, I am now trying to understand the differences between myself and my opposites, with whom I have no choice but to interact with.

I’m the bunny, by the way.

So, what about you? Are you an emotional person or the person holding the broom?