I’ve just spent the last two hours reading articles, memes, and personal opinions on the tragedy that happened in Orlando early Sunday morning.


I rarely comment on this sort of thing, because I figure, not many people care what I think. But this time, I can’t keep it in.

Once you strip away the facts, it boils down to just one thing:

There is evil in this world.

How do we eradicate evil?

We send our thoughts, and prayers because it gives us some sort of power back, and for a moment we feel better.

We are angry. Our hearts hurt, our minds race with various emotions. How do we begin to comprehend how something like this could happen to so many innocent people?

I am unable to muster any sort of humor today. Today, I am heartbroken.

God, please help us fight the evil in this world, and welcome the victims of this senseless act of hatred with open arms.