Here’s what’s been trending with me recently…

  • The weather here in Cleveland has been as humid as a wet fart.
  • I had my doctors appointment yesterday. The only mishap was my first blood pressure check, which was sky high because I was a nervous wreck. When taken a second time, (after a few deep breaths) it was fine. I like this new doctor. I think I’ll keep him.
  • Not to toot my own horn, but I somehow lost 10 pounds. But my weight is like a Yo-Yo, so I’m not overly excited.
  • This really isn’t trending news, is it? My bad.
  • Since yesterday, I’ve been humming the dirty version of “The People in your Neighborhood” from Sesame Street.

Thanks bunches, ES.


  • I’ve been eating homemade McMuffins, because they are much better than that shit that they serve at McDonald’s. Maybe even healthier. Meh.
  • My uterus is causing me much grief. I’m not having any more kids, so what the hell is this nonsense?
  • Was that too much information? Sorry, not sorry.
  • My husband and mother continue to kick my ass at Words with Friends.
  • Why isn’t “nug” a word?


What’s been trending with you lately?