Seeing Ringo was an amazing experience, especially because he is so funny and full of love. He did his trademark peace sign and we all did it back to him.

We started off at 8 am. Our drive was pleasant, we listened to CD’s of Ringo and Sir Paul’s new collection, Pure McCartney.

We checked into our hotel room and took a nap. Then we went out to dinner. We found a breakfast bar, so I had a huge plate of food.

And then a second smaller one for good measure.

We left for the concert. It was weird because we were in Kentucky for 5 minutes and then swung back around into Ohio again.

The concert was at the PNC Pavilion, an open air venue. We found our seats easily enough and once we were comfy, we took this pretentious selfie.

Yes, I wore makeup.ย 

Cheryl and I waited patiently for Ringo to appear. But it wasn’t just Ringo. He had a few guys with him to help out.

A dude from Mr. Mister.

A dude from Santana.

A dude from Toto.

And Todd Rundgren.

There was a mix of hits from all of these guys, including one of my favorite songs, ย “Africa” by Toto.

Ringo took a few breaks in between his songs and playing drums. But, he is going to be 76 soon, so we can cut him some slack.

We had really fab seats.

Also, no encore. Boo. It’s okay Ringo, I still love you, man.

Here he is playing drums!

They played for a little over 2 hours, which was fine because people stood up every time Ringo sang. My legs were not happy campers. I had to take two 5 mg Vicodin and a muscle relaxer (for spasms.)

But entirely worth it. I won’t let fibromyalgia get in my way of seeing a Beatle.

I slept like baby when we got back to the hotel. They had upgraded us to a king size suite because Cheryl is an elite member of Marriott. We had two bathrooms!!

On the road back to my beloved hometown of Cleveland, we stopped and got some much needed coffee. It was smooth sailing on I-71 north.

So, to wrap things up, we had a great time.

Next on the agenda, Sir Paul will be here in Cleveland the day before my 42nd birthday, August 17th.

Time for me to recuperate. Have a great Friday!