While most people are out today having cookouts and drinking beer, I will be at home sitting on my duff while looking at memes like this one.


Which is fine with me. I’ve seen enough fireworks to last a lifetime. Plus, the hoards of people that show up for said firework displays give me hives.

The loud noise of fireworks freaks out my older dog Maggie, poor thing. She hates them, running upstairs to hide or she sits by my side, shaking.

I went with my family to an Italian festival on Saturday. (I’m a little bit Italian, by the way.)

My mom and I lasted about 4 hours, then had to go home. I ate too much food and walked way too much. That was my big outing for the holiday weekend.

Now my body is giving me hell for it, as per usual. How dare I go out?

Like, OMG, I’m so sure! (That’s my valley girl impersonation.)

I am introverting hardcore right now. When I feel like poo, I don’t really want to talk to anyone.

Each fibro flare is different. Besides general body pain and fatigue, this time I am feeling dizzy when I move my head and have an awful stomachache brought on by overindulging on food that I know I shouldn’t eat.

In between rest periods, I have been busy making these groovy key-chains to sell at the flea market.

Creativity at its finest.

I’ll either nap, watch Netflix or try to make some bracelets today. We’ll see where the wind takes me.

Don’t worry, I’m not exactly depressed. The Effexor is still giving my brain the right chemicals. I’m just in a pissy mood, via that dastardly fibro. (I used your word, Ali.)

If you celebrate the 4th of July, have a safe and happy day.

And if not, still have a safe and happy day.