Sadly, my jewelry didn’t sell at the flea market yesterday.

Not at all. Like, no interest whatsoever.

This is what the kids are saying now.

My daughter and her friend did better than I did, selling off their childhood junk. I made a few bucks, selling other things that I didn’t put any time or effort into. We were there for 6 hours, up at the crack ass of dawn.

Boy, people at this particular flea market really like to buy things for cheap. A dollar here and fifty cents there. Great for the buyers, awful for the vendors. It’s been years since I’ve been there, so I had forgotten.

But it was a fun time with the kids, anyways. I also got a tan.

I made friends with the guy next to us, he was selling records. He’s a Beatles fan as well and I asked him if he had the White Album. He said yes, but he didn’t bring it with him.

“Give me your number and we can meet up. I’ll sell it to you for $5.”

It’s been a long time, but I think the guy was flirting with me. (And he was not bad looking at all.)

Plus, my wedding ring no longer fits, so he had no clue that I am an old married woman. I really need to get it sized…

I had asked him if he was going to see Sir Paul next month.

“No. He’ll be here on my birthday!”

We established that we were both born on the 18th of August, but different years. 1974 for me, 1979 for him.

“You don’t look over 40,” he told me. I thanked him.

Then he let me take a record for free, Culture Club.

He told me that he’d be up there next weekend, but I told him that we were going to try another flea market. I told him which one, but he had never heard of it. I got a feeling that he is a regular at the one we were at.

He gave me a few other things that he didn’t sell before he packed up. I trashed most of it because there was a reason none of it sold, but kept a cool looking whatchamacallit.


And no, I didn’t give him my number.

My daughter teased me, calling the guy my boyfriend. I did tell my husband about it and he got really jealous. He tells me when girls flirt with him, so ha!!

Anyways, enough about that. (I had to write about it, I don’t garner attention from good looking younger men often, so please forgive me.)

As for the jewelry, I am highly disappointed. Not sure what to do, continue on or give up the idea. My therapist gave me a bunch of stuff too. Maybe a craft show would be a better option. I am just a novice, anyways.

If anyone wants a free memory wire bracelet, let me know.