My husband and I had just gotten back from getting milkshakes last night. I was on the couch making charm bracelets (I haven’t given up yet.) All of a sudden, my stomach did a wacky clench thing and before I knew it, I was racing to the bathroom…

It wasn’t good.

A short while later, it happened again, but I was prepared.

I was awake off and on all night long. I am now sipping my coffee tentatively and cancelled my therapy appointment. I don’t really feel like rehashing this past week anyways. It was a messed up week, going to the hospital with my mom and watching a guy, a year after it croaked, tow away my first (and probably only) brand new car that I’ve ever owned.

My poor little 2004 Kia Rio, I shall always love you.

I am a hot mess.

I blame this guy.

One of my favorite memes evah.

As I am sure that I have stated before many times in the past, I will be 42 next month, so why the fuck do I need to have my period? No more babies for this grumpy bitch, that boat has sailed long ago.

I do hope that I can get myself under control by this afternoon, I’m going to a cookout at my brothers house. Food, tons of food! Ribs, potato salad, macaroni salad!!

I want to eat this food.

The kids and I are going to that other flea market tomorrow to try and sell our junk again. I have been slowly gathering things around the house, including a few Beatles buttons that I never use. Plus, I have a small amount of charm bracelets and some necklaces that I made. This is it, though. I don’t see a point in spending more money on supplies when I am not making a profit.

It really stinks when your bubble gets popped.

Child popping bubble
Mer’s Tip for the Day: Use nail-polish to get gum out of your hair.

On the bright side of things, I adulted this week. I paid bills, picked up my prescriptions (finally) from the drug store and dealt with shitacular things with my God given humor.

(Also brought to you by our friends at Pfizer Pharmaceuticals.)

Have a great Saturday and I will catch you all on the flip side, whatever the hell that means.