I gave my daughters friend my only copy of the album “The Wall” by Pink Floyd last weekend when we got home from the flea market, thinking that I had two of them. But I was wrong. I cannot recall for the life of me what happened to my extra one. I must have given it away.

My memory is like a piece of Swiss cheese, with holes everywhere.

I can’t find my house, so I live in this piece of cheese, man.

I couldn’t change my mind and not give the kid the record. That would have been a really crappy thing to do. Besides, you should have seen his face when I handed it to him.

“Oh, cool! Thank you so much!!” His eyes were as wide as saucers. It was such a wonderful feeling to make his day.

My daughter has no appreciation for classic rock, so she stared at us with disinterest while we discussed how awesome Pink Floyd is and other such bands. He even likes The Beatles, much to my joy.

He’s not getting any of my Beatles albums, though. No can do, kid.

“The Wall” is my go-to depression album anyways, so maybe it’s a good idea to no longer have a copy of it. I’ve spent enough of my time wallowing in its despair.

This picture gives me the shivers.

I will be replacing it with something happy, perhaps a copy of Mister Rogers Neighborhood that I had as a child.

Have you ever given away something you treasured to make someone else’s day?