I was scrolling Facebook yesterday, when all of a sudden my screen went black. My husband thinks that it’s the power supply. Yet instead of again fixing something that is broken, I decided to buy myself something new.

You know, for my upcoming birthday and shit.

For just $60 dollars, I found a wee purple tablet/laptop. It has a keyboard, which is essential when I am writing something. It doesn’t have a mouse, so I’ll have to get used to that. Otherwise, I kind of like it.


Ah, technology.

Real laptops were beyond my pricepoint. Maybe the husband will fix my old one, but until then I have this little baby. It also connects to the internet like a dream, so I can watch Netflix without the constant wheel of death that I always get on my IPhone.

In other news, things are rather calm right now, which is a great thing. I like calm. We had the bug guy come out to kill the roaches we adopted from that Craigslist TV (die bitches) and I had a great session with my awesome therapist yesterday.

We talked about my ex for the first time. It felt good to get it out. Then she gave me a big hug afterwards and I think that I might have squeezed her a little too tightly.

Have a great Sunday.