Throbbing hip, burning knee

Can’t you please just let me be?

Feeling fragile, bones that ache

Painful embrace, that keeps me awake

Fleeting relief, a narcotic taken

Yet because of addiction, I am mostly forsaken

My thoughts all a jumble, words often misplaced

How I wish that this pain would give me some space

I must rest now, again, unrefreshing sleep

Just don’t look my way, for perchance I weep

I did not cause it, I do not approve it

But if it’s God’s will, how can I deny it?


I walked to the manmade lake 

Perhaps a hundred steps from my door

Darkness, a cool breeze, and solitude

Called out to be explored

Started out first somewhat steady

A minute passed before I stumbled

I could have backtracked, but wasn’t ready

I yearned to sit under that weeping willow

I listened intently to the night sounds

Relished in the rush of air on my bare arms

I saw a cat, inviting him to come ’round

But he was frightened, full of alarm

Made it back to my home, my dogs greeted me

As if I had been gone for the longest time

Which in reality, it felt like I had been

The weeping willow will shelter me again


Today is a break day, get out of pain day

I count my pills to make them last

If I don’t space them out well enough

They will outrun me extremely fast 


I sometimes feel like I’m a drag

To those who hang around me

Or read the endless things I share 

Oh, please, shut the fuck up already!



How hard it is to take a shower 

It’s like a massive, well planned out event 

It steals my spoons, one at a time

Just sucks them through the bathroom vent


Who out there can understand?

Is there anyone else like me?

Living your life with invisible bands

If so, we didn’t cause this to be!

Just take this pill, or change your diet!

Really, it helped a friend who tried it

The naysayers say, it’s bullshit, malarkey!

But we know the truth

Don’t we?