Fibromyalgia, in and of itself, is not a terminal illness.


But it will most certainly shorten your lifespan, and I will explain why.

  • Because of being in pain, and having extreme fatigue, plus a host of other mysterious symptoms that differ from person to person, a sedentary lifestyle will likely occur. And we all know that being exercise resistant is an unhealthy way to live, since Nike says to just do it. But, what if we can’t?
  • The more we sit around resting, the more our bodies become open to a slew of other health conditions, such as heart disease, and diabetes, which will kill you if left unattended.
  • People with fibromyalgia tend to be more prone to other side illnesses, and becoming overweight, with a lessening of muscle mass, and strength.
  • Depression is a highly common co-conspirator with fibromyalgia, which adds to the likelihood of suicidal thoughts, and behaviours. It’s fairly difficult to be happy, and lighthearted when you are in pain, feeling like a shit-kabob most of the time, unless you are a superhero.
  • I personally do not wish to live to a ripe old age. I will be battling this monster of an illness for the rest of my days, unless they find a cure. Another 20-30 years of living my life like this does not appeal to me. Although I am thankfully not suicidal at the moment, it could easily happen again sometime in my future.

So no, having fibromyalgia can’t kill a person by itself. When someone says thank God it’s not terminal, I just shake my head sadly.

There are some days when I wish that it was.