I’ve been gone on hiatus for almost two weeks. Did anyone miss me?


I’m just joking, of course. I get enough unconditional love from my dogs.

There really isn’t anything new to report. I’ve sat around doing nothing since I’ve last posted. I’ve done some napping, watching TV, reading, writing a little for my new blog and waiting patiently for fall to finally come to my part of the world.

A thunderstorm this past Saturday brought a cool front in and I stood in the rain for a few minutes, welcoming it.


Let’s see…I got a cold courtesy of my daughter. My eyes are all itchy.

My massive fibro flare broke last Thursday, so I took advantage of it the last three days.

Now I am flaring again. Will I ever learn?

I am taking a higher dose of Effexor to stave off the sadz.

I picked an awful day to come back, my brain isn’t clicking like it should.

I took a trip to my old neighborhood and snapped a photo of the house that I grew up in.


I started smoking pot again here and there.

I gave myself a bit of a haircut because I am a cheapskate.

I’m really curious as to why I keep breaking out in hives.

I hope you guys are all doing well. As you can see, I am still as entertaining as always.