As fast as I can shake my pill bottles, the weather has changed from hellishly hot to comfortably chilly.

14448837_1589519807740902_4431880695876757040_n do do do do…

I’m getting my numerous hoodies ready, my couch comforter is in the washer and I’m usingΒ my heating pad again.

Fall is my favorite season. Not too warm, not too cold. It’s easier to stay warm than it is to stay cool. I had a hell of a time this past summer, fans running constantly (which dries out your eyes) and a small window AC that sorta worked for the living room. It struggled hard to keep up with the record breaking highs that we had.

It nailed my electric bill, which I had no choice but to pay in order to keep the lights on.

The only bad thing is that winter comes to Cleveland too quickly. We’ve had snow here as soon as the first week of October.

Winter I am not fond of at all, you know, because brrr.

Hang on, I have to lower my heating pad, my biscuits are burning.

Okay, much better.

Wait, now I have to take a muscle relaxer.

Okie dokie.

Besides the cooler weather, there really isn’t too much new around here.

Here’s a snippet of a conversation with my daughter to amuse you for a minute.

Me: Rain.
Daughter: I know.
Me: Brr.
Daughter: I know. I wore shorts.
Me: Hairy legs keep you warm.
Daughter: I shaved yesterday.
Me: Oh. I didn’t.
Don’t ask me, she’s got a thing for turds. At least she talks to me.