It would be cool if people were honest from the start about themselves.

“Hi, nice to meet you. I’m an asshole.”

It would be cool if we could reboot our brains.ย 

“My brain crashed! Oh well, time to reboot. I hope that I don’t have a virus.”

It would be cool if there were no such thing as calories.

“I ate that whole cake and I give no shits.”

It would be cool if money really grew on trees.

“Climb up there and grab me $100,000.00, would you? I feel like buying an island.”

It would be cool if animals could talk to us.

“It would really behoove both of usย if you let me outside, I have to urinate.”

It would be cool if nobody talked to me for the first hour after I wake up.

“Please shut up. Please? Does my glazed expression tell you nothing?”