Whenever I go to the thrift store, which isn’t all too often, I always buy my dogs a bag of stuffed animals.

I pay less than $3 for about 10 of them, which nowadays last a decent amount of time ever since my youngest pup has chilled with totally destroying them.

The most recent picture of my baby girl Maya, aka the canine burrito.

Most bags have at least two “too cute to be chewed” stuffies that I either keep for myself or give to my daughter.

Like it would literally break my heart to see an adorable plush toy get ravaged by the slobbery mouth of one of my dogs.

Maggie’sΒ a savage beast, I swear.

So imagine my delight today when I saw the head of a Sock Monkey in the clear plastic bag!

Mine!! All mine!!

What’s up, girl?

Keep your paws off of my Sock Monkey, dogs!!

Mommy loves you guys, but I have always wanted one for my very own.

Yes, I am their mommy. They are my fur babies.

I haven’t flipped my lid. Close though.

Listen, I have an almost 20-year-old daughter, no little kids in my life and I am extremely maternal.

I’m gonna go play with my Sock Monkey now.

Have a great Wednesday!