I don’t do politics on my blog, mostly because I’ve never really understood most of it, or more truthfully didn’t give a shit. I got a D in government class my senior year and I think that’s only because the teacher didn’t want to keep me from graduating with my class.

Eh, give her a pass. At least she showed up every day.

Only recently did I learn the differences between a Democrat and a Republican, thanks to my friends Cheryl and Alice. Even then, I didn’t really get involved. I had more pressing matters on my hands, like my mental and physical health declining.

I became sick and had to stop working. I applied for disability. I had to fight hard to get it.

I went from being able to live a semi-comfortable life (working full time) to not knowing if I could pay my bills each month, keep my home and eat. This is my reality, each and every month. Only my faith in God keeps me from panicking too much.

I have gone through the ringer the last 5 years, but I have finally regained most of my mental health back, at least for the time being. I have scrapes on my fingers from constantly climbing myself out of the well, only to fall back down again.

Over and over.

I was date raped at the age of 19. I was sexually abused by my ex. Listening to Trump talk about “grabbing a woman by her pussy” is an unpleasant trigger for me.

I am some of the things that Trump dislikes.

I am a woman, average looking and overweight.

I am extremely poor, through no fault of my own.

I am disabled, which yet again is not my fault.

I am offended, disgusted, saddened and shocked that this country has a man like him running for president. Watching the debate last night, I realized the fact that if this scum actually wins, someone like me is nothing but dirt under his expensive shoes.

I’m a toss away. Garbage. Worthless.

For the second time in my life, I am voting. And not for him.

This will be the only post that I write about this topic, but I wanted to address it because it affects me greatly as an American citizen.

If Trump thinks so lowly of women, the poor and disabled people of America, what will become of me?

If I lose family and friends over this, so be it.

I stand with Hillary.

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