Before I get started, I’m going to reveal which quote was real from yesterday’s post.

“Holy shit, where are all of these people coming from?”

-Cashier at my drug store

If you guessed correctly, congratulations!!


You win jack shit.


I made up the other ones with my fruitful imagination.

When the cashier said that to me, I pointed towards the window and said, “From out there.”

She didn’t respond, which I found extremely rude. Let’s just say that she isn’t my favorite cashier and leave it at that.

I have had the worst pain the last few days, from my left thigh and leg absolutely killing me to the entire left side of my torso (absolutely killing me) all day yesterday.

Both have subsided, which makes me happy, but seriously, what the fuck?

I have no idea from day to day what my body has planned for me. Maybe it’ll lay off for a bit, wouldn’t that be nice?

I’ve been on an apple kick the last week. So far I have made two batches of apple crisp, apples cut up by themselves as a snack and am planning on making some homemade apple sauce.

I love apples, but they do not love me back. They are one of the biggest “uh oh” foods for someone with IBS, right up there with cabbage and broccoli. (Which I have also eaten this past week.)


The funny thing is, my husband returns the sentiment.

I have a deep thought to share.

I occasionally get a little full of myself. No, seriously. I do.

It’s like a whacked out version of what self-esteem should be.

When my feathers get all puffed up, I will say or do the wrong thing. This usually ends with things becoming awkward for all involved.

I need to learn the fact that not everybody is as forthcoming as I am. My mom always tells me, keep my nose out of other people’s business. It’s always been a bad habit of mine.

So I will be working on doing just that.

I saw this meme last night and for some reason, I couldn’t stop laughing.


I had tears in my eyes. The good kind.

Have a lovely Sunday!