I like the way my shrimp chip disappears into my soup

And the way chocolate melts on my tongue

The feeling of my softest blanket on my cheek

And hugging my husband after a nightmare

I’m thankful for that white pill that takes away the pain

I smile when my mom calls me sugar plum and whippersnapper

I giggle when my dogs make that contented sigh while they snooze

My heart is full when I listen to The Beatles singing in harmony

I feel joy when one of my friends tells me that they love me

Or if we have a good laugh over something silly

I feel fulfilled when my daughter gives me a rare hug

My soul smiles when my husband brings me a perfect cup of coffee

These are the little bip bops of life

That evens out the bad

*Bip Bop is a song by Paul Mccartney and Wings from the album “Wild Life” released in 1971. This is my interpretation of what a “bip bop” might be.

It has very basic lyrics. It’s a silly song but extremely catchy and fun.

Bip bop, bip bip bop
Bip bop, bip bip band

Dig your bottom dollar
put it in your hand

Try to hang out
underneath the stand

Put your hands together
gonna see a band

Treat me like a good boy
Treat me like a man

Take me hair and curlers
But treat me like a man

Bip bop, bip bip bop
Bip bop, bip bip band