My mom and I both graduated in 1992. Her from college with a career as a nurse ahead of her and myself from high school with no fucking idea whatsoever.


24 years ago! 


This blurry photo (sorry) was taken in the backyard of the house that I grew up in by my brother. We were on the way to my high school for the graduation ceremony, then off to a fancy restaurant afterward.

My mom would have her graduation a couple of weeks later. We had a duel grad party that day at my uncle’s house.

I’ve always thought that it was cool that my mother and I graduated the same year. Not too many kids can say that. My mom started attending the local community college a year after my father passed away in 1986. It took her 5 years but she made it, all the while doing her best to raise two hellish children by herself.

Yeah, my brother and I gave her a run for her money.

Sorry about being such a bitch back then, mom. Sincerely. I try to make up for it now by treating you like the sweetheart that you are.

My mom is my hero, plain and simple.