For the first time in my life, I watched Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back and half of Return of the Jedi.

Last night while it snowed for the first time this season, while under the influence of alcohol.


Being an 80’s kid, I was always aware of the characters but I never really watched the movies all the way through. I guess that I was more into Strawberry Shortcake and shit like that. Spaceships and lasers just didn’t appeal to me.

Perhaps my surprising enjoyment of these iconic movies last night was influenced by the alcohol that I was drinking. I don’t drink often anymore but hey, why the hell not?

I shared a couple of my thoughts on Facebook.

“I want to learn how to speak Jabba the Hut.”

“Get drunk you must. Watch Star Wars trilogy you will.”

Yes, I think I’m hilarious when I’m shitfaced. At least I didn’t start drunk messaging everyone on my friends list to tell them that I loved them.

I do have a few takeaways from the movies.

  • C3PO is kind of a douche.
  • I think I caught some feelings for R2D2.
  • Chewbacca really is a walking carpet.
  • Luke Skywalker looks nothing like Princess Leia. Twin siblings? Skeptical.
  • Jabba the Hut, why can’t I understand what the fuck you’re saying?
  • Stormtroopers aren’t the brightest bulbs, are they?
  • Darth Vader needs a hug.
  • Hans Solo and Princess Leia. It took these two far too long to hook up.
  • I think Obi-Wan Kenobi isn’t really dead but just decided that he wanted to be a hologram.
  • Why did Yoda have to die?? That sucked.

I know that there are true fans of these films and I cannot join their ranks. But I am glad that I took the time to watch them. I’ll finish Return of the Jedi eventually (sober).

Those Ewoks are adorable.